Why You Should Never Use a DIY Lash Lift Kit At Home

Eyelash Extensions have gained much popularity in recent years. These faux additions can unmistakably glam up your look, making you ready to steal the stage. Being as effective as this practice is, many women have tried to do this treatment at home with the DIY lash lift kit available in the market. Reasons? Lower cost and the convenience of doing it in your home. Even though it is not detrimental in the long run to try out procedures like eyebrow shaping or waxing, trying out experiments with complex processes such as lash lifts and eyelashes extensions is never recommended. Professional lash artists are skilled to conduct the service, so best leave them with the technical stuff.

Here is how a basic lash lift service follows. You lie down on a cosy bed with your eyes shut. The technician will affix a silicone rod to the eyelids after cleaning the area around the eyes. The natural lashes are curled with the aid of an adhesive and attached to the rod. The lifting lotion is added to set the lashes in the rod’s form. A prior patch test is performed to ensure the client does not develop any reaction to the lifting lotion.  


A process involved with such complicated chemicals shouldn’t ever be tried at home without expert supervision. Lash extension kits are available on the market in abundance. As a certified salon for eyelash extensions, we caution you that lash extension kits are unsafe and should not be used at home. Given the severe danger, these lash kits can cause, let’s dig deeper to understand why you should not engage in using them. 

1) Harmful Chemicals in DIY kits

The main lash extension component is Ammonium Thioglycolate. The same chemical is used for straightening, perming, and removal of hair. This chemical can modify the disulfide bond found in the hair cortex.

There are other chemicals used in extension kits, such as propylene glycol and methylparaben. They are licensed to be used for cosmetic products, but if used on the skin, they can cause inflammation or redness. So, if you mess up and the formula gets in the eye by chance, you’re in for a big problem. A simple mistake can damage the lashes or even the sight while doing the lift.

On the other hand, the primary ingredient in professional lash extension kits is keratin that nourishes the lash while being held upwards. Lash lounges / Salons have the best products at their disposal. Kits bought from shops or online may have certain harmful chemicals that are not FDA-approved. Not all lash kits are supervised for quality control. 

2) Risk of doing it alone.

The chances are that you have to keep your eyes open if you are doing the job at home. The client will be asked to close both eyes when a certified technician does the treatment. This is done so that the solution does not get in and affects the eyes. For the treatment, the eyelids are prepared. The area around the eyes is cleaned and any lenses are removed to avoid contact. The chances of getting infected are higher if these preliminary steps are not carried out.


A mandatory patch test is not proposed by these DIY Kits. To ensure no reactions, technicians would always take a minimum 24-hour patch test. They also know the precise time to leave the solutions on the lashes. It could lead to permanent loss of lashes or burnt eyelids if you fail to follow the guidelines mentioned on the package. Other things, such as eyeshadows, mascara, or even skin creams, can become hyper-sensitive to your eyes.

Conclusion :

The risk that these lash kits entail is not worth the shortcuts. From lash lifting to lash extensions, a well-equipped Lash Salon will give you a variety of services. The world of beauty today doesn’t lack treatments to make you look gorgeous. Ensure that your lashes are in optimal condition when you prepare them for the treatment. Focus on taking care of your lashes by applying products that condition your lashes and strengthen them.


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